Dear writers/publishers,

If you have published a novel or looking to publish a novel, and you want to promote it with an e-book giveaway, this is the place to so. We will promote your books to readers out their via the various social media, and help you gather the list of contestants for the giveaway.

If you'd like us to email the winner(s) of the giveaway with a copy of the e-book or a Smashwords Coupon of the e-book, just specify in the email as shown below. However, if you want the list of the winner(s) forwarded to you, please state this in the submission letter. We aim to post a maximum of 5 giveaways everyday. We will inform you if the maximum number of posts has already been made, and give you an option for the following day(s), depending on the queue. This limit will be stretched if there;s

Remember to spread the word to your family and friends. Though we will do our very best to promote each giveaway, it would be very successful if you joined in the promotion. Below is the format of how you should send a giveaway request. You can copy and paste it into the body of your email.

ALL submissions should be emailed to 

Title: Enter Book Title

Genre: Any Genre

Blurb: Enter the pitch of your book, which is usually seen at the back of a novel.

No of copies: i.e, 1 - unlimited e-copies

Format of e-copies: PDF/Smashwords Coupon.

Contestant's Info:  In here, specify how you would want the copy of the e-book given the winner(s),

Want reviews: Yes or No

Book Image and Link: Either submit one or give us the permission to gather this information ourselves.

Personal website or blog (optional): Provide link

Start Date: If not the same date

End Date: Provide duration. i.e. in weeks.

Country: specify countries i.e. UK and USA,

Please give us a maximum of 24 hours to respond to your email(s). If you'd prefer to fill a form rather than send us an email, please add a comment below letting us know why.

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